Insignia and Miscellaneous Uniform items
Reproduced from the Doppler Collection by kind permission


This page has close-up photos of various Schutztruppe and colonial police insignia and miscellaneous uniform items.

Please respect the owner's generosity in sharing these photos with us by not reproducing them without prior permission.

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An imperial eagle made in white metal as worn on the headgear of African Schutztruppe soldiers in East Africa and Cameroon.   The reverse of the fez (or tarbush) eagle.
A large (2.5cm) white metal button worn on the collar of the home uniform (and Kord Waffenfrock in South West Africa) by Schutztruppe NCOs. Schutztruppe collar buttons featured the imperial eagle as seen here, while regular army NCOs had buttons with the heraldic device of their home state (eg. Prussian eagle, Bavarian lion etc).   The reverse of the NCOs collar button.
A pair of officer's Schutztruppe shoulder straps. Their silver/black and red braid with no pips indicates the rank of a Leutnant.   The underside of the pair of officers Schutztruppe shoulder straps shown on the left. The field grey backing shows they were worn with a grey peacetime home uniform.
An other ranks Schutztruppe shoulder strap. This one is of noticeably poorer quality with white cotton instead of officer's silver in the braid.   The underside of the shoulder strap on the left. The faded white backing suggests it was issued to the East African Schutztruppe.


A Schutztruppe rank chevron. The colour has faded and become tarnished over the years, originally it would have appeared more silver (as with the example on the Schutztruppe Uniform Details Page). The single chevron denotes the ranks as Gefreiter.   The underside of the rank chevron. The chevrons themselves would have been removable and held on to the upper left sleeve by means of the small hooks seen here.


A pair of other ranks Schutztruppe trousers from the field grey peacetime home uniform. They are piped in blue indicating the wearer was stationed in South West Africa.   A close up of the peacetime uniform trousers.

A collection of brass colonial police uniform buttons bearing the imperial crown. While most Schutztruppe wore white metal buttons, police units (Polizeitruppe) were distinguished by having brass buttons.    

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