Bar with the Colonial Service Medal

Photo Captain George Albert

The medals on this bar in order of seniority from left to right are-
Colonial Service Medal
Bulgarian 1915-18 Commemorative War Medal
Hungarian 1914-18 Commemorative War Medal

This medal bar poses a mystery as the original owner was apparently German before and after the First World War but was either Bulgarian or Hungarian during the war. The three medals show that the original owner served in a colonial campaign in possibly the Schutztruppe or Imperial Navy, and in the First World War seemingly in or alongside the Bulgarian and Austro-Hungarian armies.

The wearing of the German medal in the most senior position shows the owner was German, or considered himself such (by serving in the German armed forces or perhaps just living in Germany) at the time of wearing this bar. The bar can be dated to the 1930s.

 The Hungarian Commemorative War Medal was instituted in 1929 for Hungarian veterans of the First World War. The Bulgarian Commemorative War Medal was instituted in 1933 for Bulgarian veterans of the First World War. Both medals were also awarded to Germans who served with or had special relations with the awarding nation during the First World War.

Curiously he has no German medals for the First World War. Even for a German attached to the Bulgarian or Austro-Hungarian armies one would expect to see an Iron Cross, second class or an 1914-18 Honour Cross (instituted in 1934) for First World War service.

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