Bar with the Non-Combatants South West Africa Medal

Photo © Karsten Herzogenrath

The medals on this bar in order of seniority from left to right are-
Prussian 1870 Iron Cross
, second class with 25th anniversary clasp
Prussian Officers Long Service Award, for 25 years service
1870-71 Franco-Prussian War Medal with clasps for the Battles of Beaumont, Sedan and Paris
1866 Battle of Königsgrätz Medal earned in the Austro-Prussian War
1904-08 South West Africa Campaign Medal for non-combatants
Prussian Wilhelm I Centenary Medal

The original owner of this medal bar was "General der Artillerie" and "Feldzeugmeister" August Wilhelm Robert Koehne. He was a veteran of the Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian Wars seeing action at the decisive battles of each. His non-combatants South West African Medal was most likely earned for depot service in Germany rather than in the field in Africa.


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