Bar with the Lion Order

Photo © Captain George Albert

The medals on this bar in order of seniority from left to right are-
Hamburg Hanseatic Cross
German Legion of Honour Medal
German Lion Order
, for non-combatants

The original owner of this medal bar may have been a naval veteran of the First World War.

The Hanseatic Cross was instituted in 1915 and as well as being awarded to troops from Hamburg was often awarded to naval personnel based in Hamburg's port.

The German Honour Medal for the World War Legion of Honour ("Ehrendenkmünze des Weltkrieges der Deutschen Ehrenlegion") was a semi-official medal instituted in 1921 by the "Verband national gesinnter Soldaten“ veterans organisation for purchase by war veterans. This ribbon has no wreath and sword on the ribbon for frontline fighters, though the ribbon has two holes where a wreath may have previously been. The Lion Order

The Lion Order  ("Löwenorden" or more correctly the "Kolonialauszeichnung") was instituted by the German Colonial Veterans League ("Deutschen Kolonialkriegerbund") in 1922. This is a bronze award for Germans who had done valuable work for the colonies back home. Whereas the first class of the Lion Order was worn as a white metal breast badge, the second class for non-combatants as seen here was worn as a bronze medal on a ribbon.

Both the Legion of Honour and the Lion Order were not officially recognised awards and in 1934 when the Honour Cross was instituted, these unofficial awards were banned. This clearly dates this bar between 1922-34.

Rear of the Bar


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