Bar with the Non-Combatants China Medal and Greek and Ottoman Awards

Photo © Heiko Grusdat

This is another Frackspange bar, with the medals in reverse order of seniority. From upper right to lower left they are-

Prussian Order of the Red Eagle, fourth class
1900-01 China Campaign Medal, for non-combatants
Greek Order of the Redeemer, silver cross
Ottoman Medjidie Order

The original owner of this bar was an officer or official who served in a non-combatant role during the Boxer Rebellion. The Greek Order of the Redeemer is quite unusual. It is an award conferred by the Greek Government on military, civilians and foreigners who have distinguished them selves in the service of Greece. This could be taken quite broadly and lower classes of the Order (such as this Silver Cross) were probably awarded to all kinds of visiting officials and dignitaries. Similarly the Ottoman Medjidie Order could be awarded to foreign official visitors. These two medals could point to the original owner being a German official or attaché in the Balkans or Eastern Mediterranean. 

NB In 2006, this medal bar was stolen from its rightful owner. If you have seen it recently or know of its whereabouts please Contact the Webmaster Here, who will pass the information onto the relevant authorities.


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