Bar with the Non-Combatants South West Africa Medal

Photo © JW Collection

The medals on this bar in order of seniority from left to right are-
Merit Cross for War Aid

Prussian General Honour Decoration
, first class
Prussian General Honour Decoration, second class
Prussian Other Ranks Long Service Award, third class for 9 years service
Prussian Landwehr Long Service Award, second class

1904-08 South West Africa Campaign Medal for non-combatants
Baden 1902 Jubilee Medal

The original owner of this medal bar was a Baden non-combatant veteran of the Herero Rebellion and the First World War. The Prussian Merit Cross for War Aid ("Kriegshilfsdienst Kreuz") was awarded for non-combatant assistance in the First World War. The Baden 1902 Jubilee Medal ("Jubiläums-Medaille") was awarded to Badeners in service who had distinguished themselves in military or public service to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grand Duke Friedrich of Baden's reign. Note that although the kingdoms of Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony and Württemberg awarded their own long service medals, the Grand Duchy of Baden did not. Their troops, like those of most smaller states, were awarded Prussian long service medals.


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