Other Medals for Overseas Expeditions

There were two medals awarded by German states exclusively for service on overseas expeditions, the Prussian Jerusalem Cross and the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Africa Medal.

1898 Jerusalem Cross      

Image from Israeli Decorations

  The Jerusalem Cross ("Jerusalem Kreuz") was awarded to members of Kaiser Wilhelm II's entourage that accompanied him on his visit to Jerusalem in 1898. This included staff officers, his personal bodyguard ("Leibgendarmerie") and other attendants.

The medal consisted of a Jerusalem Cross (made up of four smaller crosses around a larger central one) in red enamel edged in gold hung on a red ribbon. One curiosity of the Jerusalem Cross is that while most medals were worn optionally (with officers often not always wearing their lower ranking medals) the Jerusalem Cross, once awarded was always worn.


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1908 Mecklenburg-Schwerin Africa Medal  

Photo © Seeheld

  The Africa Medal was awarded to those who had accompanied Duke Adolf Friedrich of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on his expedition across Central Africa in 1907-08. It consisted of a bronze circular medal with a profile portrait of Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II, the ribbon was grey with a thin stripe of yellow and red on the outside edges.

One period photograph shows an African Togo Polizeitruppe NCO wearing the German Warriors Merit Medal for African soldiers, the Mecklenburg-Schwerin Africa Medal and the Prussian Crown Medal. This is the only example I have seen of an African soldier wearing a medal from a German state other than Prussia.

Duke Adolf Friedrich also awarded several Mecklenburg-Schwerin Griffin Orders to German and foreign officers he encountered along the way.

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Imperial Footman, Berlin 1898
This photograph shows an Imperial Footman in the khaki Tropical Uniform and side cap worn by the Imperial entourage on the Kaiser's visit to Palestine in 1898. He has the footman's lace around the collar and cuffs showing the Imperial Eagle in black on a white background edged in red and black. He wears the Jerusalem Cross  in his second buttonhole awarded to all those on the Palestine Mission and the Ottoman
Medjidie Order on his left breast.
Photo © Joe Robinson

Prussian General Kurt von Morgen
 He wears the double breasted frock coat of a Prussian General. Like most general officers von Morgen was awarded a lot of medals but only wears the most senior here- the Pour-le-Mérite at the throat, the Iron Cross as a buttonhole ribbon and the Jerusalem Cross which regulations stipulated must be worn at all times by those who took part in the Kaiser's visit to Jerusalem in 1898.
Photo from Wikimedia

Feldwebel of the Togo Polizeitruppe

He wears the Polizeitruppe khaki uniform with peaked cap. His medal bar shows the German Warriors Merit Medal second class in silver, the Mecklenburg Schwerin Africa Medal and the Prussian Crown Order Medal. The order that the medals are worn in is curious as being a member of the Polizeitruppe, an Imperial unit, all Prussian medals should be worn ahead of those of other states such as Mecklenburg Schwerin.
Photo ©
Andreas M. Schulze Ising of Medal Net

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