German Naval Equipment and Souvenirs
Reproduced from the Doppler Collection by kind permission


This collection of German Imperial naval equipment and souvenirs uniforms shows both items of practicality and items of decoration.

Please respect the owner's generosity in sharing these photos with us by not reproducing them without prior permission.

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A pair of naval haversacks (Seesack) issued to other ranks. They have been painted with personal, unit and naval devices. The one on the left is marked with the owner's name (Freudendhal), 1st Regt, Matrosen (Naval Infantry) Division, 7th company and is dated 1914. The one on the right is marked as belonging to the 2nd Regt, Werft Division, with an anchor and the sailor's name (Weihsert) at the bottom.   A box for personal possessions owned by the sailor, Sonntag of the 4th Kiaochow Naval Artillery Battery (MAK standing for Marine Artillerie Kiaotschou).   A photograph of Sonntag posed in full dress with his family. Also with the photo is Sonntag's Iron Cross earned during 1914-18.
A porthole from a warship converted into a commemorative photo frame of a Deckoffizier.   A naval sewing kit with a complete selection of spare threads, laces and buttons.   A decorative life ring serving as a another naval photo frame.
A naval bread bag worn by the naval infantry Matrosen Division. Similar bread bags would have been carried by all naval infantry and landing parties.   A close-up look at the issue stamp (Wilhelmshaven, 1896) and owner's name (M. Kueny) sewn into the bread bag.   The rear of bread bag.
Another naval issue bread bag. Note that whereas the previous bag has a shoulder strap this one attaches to the wearer's belt.   A close-up look at the unit marking (II. Werft Division) and owner's name (Peschke).   The rear of bread bag.

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