Mauser C96 used by the Landespolizei of
 South West Africa

Photos © Nicolas Farion

The Mauser C96 (nicknamed the Broom Handle) was a semi-automatic pistol designed by Fidel, Friedrich, and Josef Feederle and manufactured by Mauser from 1896 onwards. It was designed to be able to receive a wooden stock attachment if needed, which also doubled as its holster.

It was a popular choice of pistol as a private purchase option for officers in the Imperial German army and navy of the early 20th Century. The C96 was also in use in other armies including those of Italy, Austria, Finland and China. Winston Churchill carried a C96 at the Battle of Omdurman during the Sudan Campaign of 1898. The C96 finally ceased production in 1937.

The pistol in the photos below is marked on the butt, 'Orts Polizei Behörde' or local police authority, and 'Keetmanshoop' in German South West Africa.







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