Schutztruppe Tunic with Unknown Insignia
Photos Robert Starkey

This is a Schutztruppe 1896 khaki uniform. The khaki drill cloth looks standard as does its cut. The blue piping and white metal crowned buttons also look standard. The problem is it might have been embellished a bit over the years. 

The insignia, medals and details of this tunic are very unusual and some may have been added at a later date

For example the Iron Cross breast badge, it looks very like a rare South West African Hildegard Order but is made on its own khaki patch- usually the Hildegard had no backing patch- and there's no record of a Muhle (or Muhler) being awarded one. East Africa did not award temporary Iron Crosses, though Cameroon did.

The medal ribbons for the Iron Cross, second class and the South West Africa 1904-08 medal look Again there is no record of an Iron Cross being awarded to anyone called Muhle or Muhler in South West Africa. This bar has certainly been added after 1918, perhaps by the original owner.

The badge on the cuff with the crossed rifles is not familiar to me. Again, it may have been added later.

The shoulder straps are a mystery. They are not standard Schutztruppe shoulder straps. The closest thing that I can think of is they may be those of a Zahlmeister Aspirant- junior paymaster. But they have khaki instead of blue backing as worn by the Zahlmeister Aspirant on their grey home uniforms. Perhaps this was a variation for their khaki uniforms. The cloth of the shoulder strap does look the same as the tunic itself.

Overall I'd say it is a Schutztruppe tunic, it might have belonged to a Junior Paymaster and that some or all of the other badges and medals may have been added at a later date. The original Schutztruppe khaki trousers piped in blue are still with the tunic.

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