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The photographs on this page show close up details of items of genuine German Colonial uniforms and insignia. Not only do the photos show uniforms and equipment close up but also the insignia, insides, issue stamps and all in the kind of detail that cannot be seen on vintage photographs or illustrations. Click on the pictures or titles for more information and close up details. Please be patient if some detailed images take a few moments to appear on the screen. Also bear in mind that some items colours may have faded over the years and that some have been slightly tarnished or damaged.

All photographs in this section are the sole copyright of the collection owners or photographers © 2005-10. Please respect their generosity in sharing these photos with us by not reproducing them without prior permission. Email me here if you have any items you'd be willing to photograph and show on this website.



  The Doppler Collection    
Südwester Hats
Close-up photos of several different "Südwesters" or slouch hats worn by the Schutztruppe and Colonial Police forces.
Schutztruppe Khaki Uniform
Close-up photos of a Schutztruppe other ranks khaki uniform as worn in South West Africa, East Africa and Cameroon from 1896 until the First World War.
Tropical Helmets
Close-up photos of a several styles of tropical helmets worn by the Schutztruppe, East Asian and naval forces in the German colonies and China.
Schutztruppe Mounted Equipment
Close-up photos of Schutztruppe leather equipment as worn by mounted troops in South West Africa and Cameroon.
Field Caps
Close-up photos a pair of field caps as worn in the Colonies. One is from the III. Seebataillon. The other is more mysterious.
Belt Buckles
Close-up photos of several belt buckles worn by the Schutztruppe, askaris and naval personnel.
Colonial Medals
Close-up photos of a collection of medals issued for colonial and overseas campaigns.
Seebataillon Dark Blue Uniform
Close-up photos of a dark blue other ranks peacetime uniform worn by the I. Seebataillon prior to the First World War.
Schutztruppe Insignia and Uniforms
Close-up photos of a collection of miscellaneous Schutztruppe and Colonial Police insignia, shoulder straps, buttons and uniform items.
Seebataillon Officer's White Uniform
Close-up photos of a white naval tropical uniform worn by an officer of the Seebataillone prior to the First World War.
Identification Brassards
Close-up photos of several identification armbands from the Schutztruppe and the Tsingtao Police.
Naval Uniforms
Close-up photos of a large collection of Imperial German naval uniforms with items from the SMS Königsberg and Tsingtao Naval Artillery Batteries amongst many others.
Naval Doctor's Uniform
Close-up photos of a frock coat worn by a German Imperial naval doctor or Ober-Arzt.
Naval Equipment and Souvenirs
Close-up photos of a collection of German Imperial naval equipment including haversacks, decorated photographs and a complete sewing kit.
Naval Greatcoat
Close up photos of an M1915 field grey naval greatcoat as worn by the Marinekorps Flandern.
Pictures from China
A collection of illustrations showing an eyewitness' view of the Fall of Tsingtao in November 1914.
Souvenirs from the Colonies
Close-up photos of a collection of curiosities from the colonies and overseas campaigns, including memorabilia and artwork.
  Other Collections

The Kolonialmuseum Linke Collection, Rödelsee
Photos taken by
Arne Schöfert of a great collection of Schutztruppe uniforms, flags and memorabilia, mostly from German South West Africa. This private collection is open to the public by appointment only.

The Swakopmund Museum Schutztruppe Collection
Photos taken by Greg Gerardi and Phil Buhler showing German South West African Schutztruppe uniforms and equipment from the Swakopmund Museum in Namibia.
The London Imperial War Museum Collection
Close-up photos of many German Colonial items on display at the Imperial War Museum in London including a Cameroon Fez, a Samoan Fita Fita Sash, an East Asian Infantry uniform and more.
The Wehrgeschichtliches Museum Collection, Rastatt
German colonial items such as Schutztruppe and Seebataillon tropical helmets, an East Asian Pickelhaube and a Togo Polizeitruppe fez.
Collections in South African Museums
Close up photos taken by MC Heunis of the collections of the South African National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg and at the War Museum of the Boer Republics in Bloemfontein including South West African Schutztruppe uniforms, equipment and memorabilia.
The Brussels Royal Army Museum - German Marine Infantry Collection
Close-up photos of several items on display at the Musée Royale de l'Armée (Koninklijk Legermuseum) in Brussels including a full Seebataillon uniform, several Seebataillon shakos and many other items of interest.
The Siebentritt Private Collection
A massive collection of colonial uniforms, weapons and artwork owned by the late Reinhold Sebentritt.
A Schutztruppe Tunic from German East Africa
Close up photos of a very curious tunic captured from German forces in 1916.
A Private Collection From Port Arthur
Photos of a private collection of militaria from the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and French navies in the far East in the early 20th Century including items from the SMS Iltis, SMS Jaguar, SMS Kaiserin Elisabeth and the German East Asian Expeditionary Corps.
A Collection of German Colonial Bayonets
Close up photos of bayonets used by the Schutztruppe, Polizeitruppe, Navy, Seebataillone, East Asian Expeditionary Corps and Asienkorps.
A Collection of German Colonial Swords
Close up photos of swords used by the Schutztruppe, Polizeitruppe, Navy and Seebataillone.
An Austro-Hungarian Tropical Helmet
Close-up photographs of a tropical helmet as issued to Austro-Hungarian troops in Palestine c1916-18.
The SMS Königsberg Guns
Close up photographs of surviving guns from the SMS Königsberg that were used in German East Africa during the First World War.
The Schutztruppe 7.5cm Mountain Gun
Close up photographs of surviving Schutztruppe 7.5cm Mountain guns from the Imperial War Museum in London and other collections.
Schutztruppe Artillery Recovered from Lake Ojikoto
Photographs of several artillery pieces that were dumped into a lake by the South West African Schutztruppe shortly before their surrender to South African forces in 1915. They have since been recovered and restored for display at various Namibian Museums.
Imperial Naval MG 08 Machine Gun
Photographs of a Maschinengewehr 1908 used by sailors from the SMS Goeben or Breslau at Gallipoli.
Landespolizei Roth-Sauer Pistol
Photographs of a Roth-Sauer Pistol used by the South West African Landespolizei.
Modern Namibia
Photos taken by Greg Gerardi in Namibia 1990 showing various artillery pieces, forts, battlefields and memorials in the former colony of German South West Africa.
Modern Qingdao
Photos taken by Keith Lam in Qingdao in 2010 showing various German buildings and forts in the former German leased Chinese territory of Tsingtao.
Modern Bamum
Photos taken by Arne Schöfert in Foumban, the capital of the Kingdom of Bamum in the former German colony of Cameroon, showing the royal palace, a statue to King Njoya and some old German helmets and breastplates.
Postcards from German South West Africa
A collection of postcards sent by a trooper in the South West African Schutztruppe to his sister back home in Germany.

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